About us

End to end services

EMGS Group is a consultancy specializing in new information and communication technologies. We help companies and organizations to reach their objectives in development and growth. We have a broad experience in consultancy with numerous clients in both the private and public sectors. We are particularly active in the telecoms, industry, health and public administration sectors.

EMGS Consulting operates in 5 countries. It is a subsidiary of the EMGS Group.

EMGS Consulting operates in the following countries:
France United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Our mission is to support our clients and to obtain the best results from innovative solutions and technologies, to help them in reaching their objectives, to improve their operational performance in a sustainable way and to support them in implementing new procedures.

We measure our clients’ satisfaction – it is our priority.

In order to reach this permanent objective, we cultivate our independence with a strong company culture which comes from a wealth of knowledge and the methodology of Europe’s largest Infrastructure Management consultancy meeting international standards.

We are completely independent from outside suppliers or financiers.